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Luigi Balzano, from Torre del Greco, professional sailor machinist, delighted in his spare time in sharpening work. He made scissors and knives for cutting pasta (since at the time, it was also cut with scissors). He went around the Vesuvian areas, where small, medium and large pasta factories proliferated, in fact at the time the area counted in total 100/110 pasta factories and our great-grandfather Luigi, secured an excellent number of customer, which allowed him to transform his passion in a real job and back in 1935 he founded his craft business.

The first 25 years were of continuous growth and success until the 1960s, when we went through a profound labor and economic crisis, following the closure of many pasta factories in the area. At the time, “Luigi Balzano”, had 30/35 employees, worked in the workshops in Via Fondaco Pastore in Torre Annunziata. Most of them, already engaged in large factories then existing in the area such as Dalmine and Italsider, at the end of the working day at the factory, went directly to the workshop to perform their work until late in the evening; smart and motivated people.
But, the crisis of the pasta factories in Torre Annunziata continued to advance and therefore ours crisis too.
Many pasta factories stopped their activity, and certainly our work suffered a setback, but the passion for his art and the economic solidity of the company allowed him to resist.
In 1976 the founder of the company “Luigi Balzano” died and his sons succeeded him:
Egidio and Vincenzo Balzano.

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In those years, as already mentioned, the active pasta factories had greatly reduced in number and due to the scarce amount of work, the solid company was beginning to be clearly affected by the crisis.
It was then that, driven by the passion that animated them, as much as their father, the two partners decided to leave for Puglia and Sicily in search of new customers. It was a success both in Puglia and in Sicily. The pace of work again became pressing and the crisis was now a cloud that was moving away very quickly. We had a lot of customer again, above all we had bounded from our geographical area and “Luigi Balzano” became the leading company in the sector in the whole of Southern Italy and in a few years, also in the North, they began to get to know us and appreciate our work. Just as white art was appreciated all over the world and production companies were also born abroad, our name also crossed the frontier of Italy and the first contacts, came from abroad and soon they became our customers.
The company regained its splendor and the work was never lacking. In the meantime, our father wandered around the workshop from an early age and in a short time had learned the art of the family and was equally passionate about it and every moment free from school was for that boy, dedicated to work in the workshop.
Unfortunately, in 1985 there was a break between the two partners and brothers Egidio and Vincenzo, which led to the closure of the company.
In 1987 Luigi Balzano,( Egidio’s son and our father), having never accepted the end of the family business, started from scratch by opening an individual company and he re-founded the “Luigi Balzano”, whose first employee was his father. In these years the work has consolidated, has evolved, as the means of communication have evolved and through internet we have arrived in other continents.
We, Ciro and Egidio Balzano, fourth generation, sons of Luigi Balzano, we have not been less to him and we have followed and loved the work of our father and for a few years we have made sure that the beautiful story of our particular work was repeated.

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